Tuesday in the office, today we are starting to plan future events in the church in Kharkov, Word of Life Kharkov I mean. Some nuggets of stuff we are planning is a women’s day, a day by women, for women. My wife and Lena Padun together with a team is preparing a day or rightly and evening with some awesome stuff, beauty, behavior and a secret guest I think is on the schedule. I don’t really know because I am a man and am not invitedL.

Women are an amazing gift especially for us men and for children. What would any man be without his mother and his wife? I don’t know what and where I would have been without my wife, Caisa. She is an outstanding lady! Mother of 4 and my wife (not an easy task all the timeJ) she is keeping things on the line! Many times I can hear her voice inside my head even though she’s not present, I remember her wise words often and it always help me.

So to all ladies in the church, get ready for an unforgettable evening!



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  1. I like the idea with with a day for women but i think it should include issues on how women can forfill there calling wheter is preaching, teaching, leadership, taking care of children, starting a buisness or whatever God is calling them to. Same goes for men of course.

    Often we recognise women from their function in the family rather from their calling and that is a big misstake.

    Men and women are Gods gift for each other its amazing :)