Time to dream again!

Today in church I spoke about visions and dreams as the language of the Holy Spirit, it’s also a principle God put in creation. We all, Christian and non-Christian, have the God given ability to imagine, to visualize in our minds before it is a reality.

This creativity is a wonderful gift God has given us, and when filled with the Spirit He starts to paint in our hearts Gods pictures and dreams, small and big things. This God-given ability to dream and visualize in our minds and souls has created the best music, best art, best motion pictures, best movies and so on. I believe God really wants us to develop and grow in creativity, so He will get glorified, lifted up and known throughout the whole earth.

What we do and say comes from our hearts the bible says, and God wants our hearts to be filled with His word and His presence, His love and His mercy so that in everything we do He is being lifted up and glorified.



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