Back home

Sitting in a dark train compartment somewhere between Lugansk and Kharkov in the Ukraine. We are on the way back from a few amazing days in Lugansk, a city in the far east of Ukraine not far from the russian border. I was invited to preach at their annual youth conference and it was a wonderful experience. They had rented a night club for the venue and it was super modern, high tech and just a perfect place for the whole thing.
About a 1000 young people (some older too) had gathered to worship God and to fellowship together.
What I saw struck me like a jetplane, the future church of Ukraine, wild, worshipping, loving God and one another, sooo wonderful
It was a great privilege to minister to these wonderful youngsters. I believe they will take the gospel to their generation.
God bless you all young heroes, keep on going for Jesus


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  1. Спасибо за служение! Для была честь слушать Слово Божье из твоих уст!