On the train

‘Things they are a changing’ Bob Dylan sang once and today when I together with two of my kids entered a night train heading for Donetsk to attend the funeral of Pastor Leonid Paduns mother I got some flashbacks.

Back in 1993 when we lived in the Ukraine for four wonderful years, starting churches, seeing people getting saved and healed in a way that still fills me with praise and thanksgiving to God, we traveled a lot by train. The first year we had to order international phone calls and wait for 10 days before we were given a line. It was a different time and since we have experienced a technological revolution especially in the field of communication. I am actually writing this blog on the train from Kharkov to Donetsk, the train in itself is probably the very same as I traveled in back in the -90s but with me I have a laptop with a high speed 3g modem, I can Skype, I can surf the Webb and so on just as at home.

We are living in a different age, I connect with our church youth using Facebook, communicate with a dear friend Sergey Martyunichev in Moscow by sms, sending a twitter and Facebook comment with my cellphone and so on.

In all this Jesus has not changed, we people still have the same problem with finding meaning and purpose with life, many times we hunt for the shadow, searching for our Atlantis, and reaping disaster beyond our control. Life is still full of things beyond our control, even our own desires and dark intentions can drive us to madness so in all this we do have the same basic need of peace of mind, joy of heart and safety in being accepted and loved just the way we are. Jesus is the one safe harbor of life we can lean on even in this advanced technical age, computers, phones, twitter, Facebook can do many things but peace of heart is a gift from our Savior He gives as we believe and put our trust in Him every day.