Today I experienced something very special, attending the funeral of a great saint of God Galina Padun, the mother of 9 children and 15 grandchildren, all serving the Lord wholeheartedly. While listening to the 9 testimonies concerning their mother and her impact on their lives I was so deeply touched about the total unselfishness of this great women of God, her 40 yearlong faith and prayer walk to see her husband saved, believing all her children into the kingdom of God and all the time helping others.

It dawned on me, she was a solid, whole, uncorrupt Christian, following her inner conviction all her life, when it brought glory and when it brought her pain and persecution, she never changed her inner conviction and faith when circumstances was going against her, through persecution and abuse, through financial hard times she fought the good fight of faith, and she kept the faith.

Even if I just met her briefly through the years I still remember her eyes, so full of love, passion and MERCY!

I want to salute you and honor you Galina Ivanovna Padun, thank you for all your prayers and your faithfulness to Jesus!

…….now you are resurrected with Him!