On a journey

Well this weekend I’ve spend traveling to Sweden round-trip, for the solemn purpose of attending the NHL premiere in Globen Arena in Stockholm. Me and my oldest son Nathanael booked the ticket in the fall, far before we knew we were to move to the Ukraine actually. So what to do? In our time and age traveling have become something quite easy and affordable so I decided to fly home over the weekend ‘just’ for a hockey game, well actually I missed the Friday game due to a delayed flight from Copenhagen, so we bought new tickets for the Saturday game instead. So I got to be with my son and also meet his lovely girlfriend with the beautiful name, Matilde. Nice lady indeed!

Why did I do this? Because I am very passionate about hockey? Well I like the game but not that much. But I really love my son and have always done my best to keep my word with him and his siblings. I have failed many times but at least I done my very best to keep and asked forgiveness when I failed to do so. Natte and I should have gone to the US a couple of years ago, I wanted to do something special with him so I bought a ticket for him to come along with me on a business trip I had to do, but I got sick, ended up in hospital and the trip was canceled. So this was my little way of making up for it by making the effort to travel back and see the game with him, because he is truly an amazing kid that I have come to love, respect and admire a lot over the years.

Hope your dreams come true Natte! I pray they will! Remember we have a secret together?? Let’s keep on dreaming Son!

Thanks for a very nice time together, see u soon in the Ukraine



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