Heart, head & hand

Renewal is an interesting subject in the bible. Often we as charismatics celebrate renewal but when the rubber hits the road we are not always so keen in it in practice I’ve noticed (with myselfJ). There are three areas or levels of renewal I’ve found in the bible, first is the renewal of the heart, our relationship with God. Due to our tendency to live independent of God we need to be renewed in our hearts daily through prayer, the Word of God and by receiving cleansing by the blood of Jesus. It’s like painting a house, when it’s done we say ‘wow, it looks like new’, it was renewed. Our hearts needs renewal over and over again; it is renewed by revelation knowledge from Gods word.

But not only our hearts needs to be renewed our minds needs it as well. Paul writes to the Ephesians encouraging them to be renewed in their minds. In our minds we process knowledge, information from the world around us. We can call it creation knowledge! This knowledge is what is called natural science, knowledge about creation, man and his world. This knowledge according to Daniel will increase, it is ever growing. Solomon in proverbs says ‘As a man thinks in his heart so is he’ with other words we are depending on what and how we think. We can never reach beyond what we know, because knowledge is the way we process reality and go into action. This knowledge needs to be updated, or renewed. In this area we as believers have much to learn from this world that is ever increasing in their knowledge all the time. Research, case studies, universities are all being done to increase understanding of this world, to improve life in different ways. It’s not enough with a full heart an empty head! The best is a full heart and a full head!

The third is hands and is closely tied with our head, knowledge, of course. Our hands represent our deeds or works in the world as well as in the church. As knowledge increase methods and ways of working and realizing dreams and visions are also changing. Today we can write a blog and people all around the globe can read it with a minimum cost and effort which was impossible just few years ago. Letter are soon history, today we do e-letters! The some but in another form. Technology and methods are ever-changing and we need to change with it, learn new ways of working, living otherwise we will be left behind and not be able to communicate the same message as Jesus, Paul and Martin Luther preached to the next generation. Even though form and methods may seem inferior to the essence of things but it is still the first glance people get before they give attention to the message and therefore let’s be classical preachers in a modern package, antique in values but postmodern in the way we communicate.



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