Yesterday and today I met the Ukrainian Bureaucracy. Our car is registered in my name in Sweden but my wife, friends, kids and so on can use the car anyway they want of course, that’s not the case in Ukraine. Because the car is in my name we have to do a power of attorney to my wife for her to drive the care legally. So we went to the notary’s office located in our house to do that piece of paper and got the following message. First you have to translate your passport, registration papers into Ukrainian, then you have to get the translation approved, after that you go to traffic polis to register the car with them (don’t know that process yet) and after that you go back to Notaries Publicus office to them to make the power of attorney and then my wife can drive the car, a car that by law belongs to her because she is married with me, since 22 years. Amazing! Why try to do something simple when you can do it difficult, more fun that way.

Yesterday we bought some stuff in a home appliance shop, when we were to pay, we first paid at the cashier, then went to a place behind the cashier to test the things we just bought, which they already tested inside the shop, after that we got a stamp on our receipt just to have to go to a third place and get another stamp on the receipt, puh!

Now I know what people are doing when they run around the city whole days, getting papers signed and stamped, amazing! Later we went to another shop and there things where just normal, paid in the cashier and packed into the car and went home, surprise!!



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  1. Isn’t it both easier and cheaper to forget those papers and just let your wife pay $10 every time the traffic police checks? Especially since she will maybe have to do that anyway, papers or not.

    But this is morally questionable though, since we don’t want to support this corrupt system.