The day after!

Today is monday, the day after Sunday (deep). For us pastors its usually the day after we ministered to the church sunday morning. Today we put our youngest kids to school, we will get internet at home, buy some additional stuff, with other words, business as usual.
Yesterday I was speaking about Jesus, Son of God and Son of man. The fullness of God, the image of God is seen in Jesus. My subtitle was ‘Success through Christ’ speaking about first faith, faith that God is good and wants to bless and help us, second, faith that He is able to bless us despite a surrounding of corruption and injustices, He is able to do miracles without us behaving as the world, the third, Faith that He can bless us despite our own shortcomings and failures, He is greater than our weaknesses.
The second was we have to Do, faith without action is dead. If we don’t act nothing happens! God gives dreams, visions, ideas and then He empowers us to bring it to pass, we have to act, do, work to reach the goal.
With a culture emphasizing the divine this last is a challenge many times because often people pray, believe and wait …the result is often, nothing happens! Why? Because we have to work out our faith and He will make a way, open doors and so on.

Have a blessed week


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