Well, tomorrow morning is comeback day for me in pastoral ministry, after 5 years in other duties we, me and my Caisa, back in pastoring in Kharkov, Ukraine, and tomorrow Sunday morning I am preaching my first sermon as pastor in Word of Life Church here. I have great expectations on what Jesus will do here.

Ukraine is a nation open for God! A people seeking after and trusting in God in difficult times they flock to church to pray, worship and make their request known to the most High. It’s a wonderful freedom in this nation, an open Heaven and a grace poured out drawing people to Jesus.

This doesn’t mean things are perfect, but where sin abounds grace abounds much more. I believe the Lord will appear and draw thousands of people to Himself in these troubled times.

Tomorrow I’ll speak over the Blessings of God. It’s so crucial when speaking about blessings to go to Jesus, Son of God and son of man, both God and man. To walk in the blessing of God we need the fullness of who He is, both the divine and the human. To quote Kenneth Hagin Jr ‘When the divine and the human comes together the power of God is released’

We need to do our part, then God will do His.



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