Leaving for the Ukraine!

Well, then we are heading out to Poland from Sweden by ferry. Me and my 2nd son Benjamin are going by car to the Ukraine, we are to arrive on late Friday or early Saturday I guess.

I am now starting my blog anew in English and soon Russian. Will try write interesting and encouraging stuff. Life is to short to waste on just nothing or as Shakespeare ‘Much ado about nothing’. My presumption is that this time we are leaving Sweden for good. My life and calling is missions, as a family we’ve been engaged in missions since 1989, it’s long time. Sweden is a nice country but when your calling is taking you another direction you have to follow the Lord, even if people are saying something else or are having other thoughts about what you are to do. Since we made up our minds to head back out on the mission field I have sensed such a nearness of the Holy Spirit, such care from Jesus and the passion the Father has for a lost and dying world.

The harvest is truly great and the laborers are very few indeed. Please pray with us and join us in faith on this our 2nd missionary journey. It will be very different compared to the first, the world has gone through an metamorphose since 1992, at least technically. Morally and spiritually not much have changed (except that millions has heard and received the gospel around the world). Sweden has just elected Nazis into their parliament, things are turning quite cold and egoistic, reality shows with the most absurd exposure of sin, lust and ego are filling the airwaves, but in all this we are having a wonderful victory through Jesus Christ

I will try to write something everyday, God bless



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  1. Matsjan, welcome to Ukraine and let our Lord will powerfully use you in this country! Be the strong and bold vessel of God and He will hold you through all obstacles!
    God bless you and your family!