Second post today

Due to the great significance of this day I have to write a second blog before I go to bed. Why? Today my firstborn son moved out! I just can’t get it! He was a small kid just a few days ago running around in diapers. We drove him to Kaggeholm school of media today, first he didn’t want me to come along only mum was good for that (still wondering what went wrong during his childhood, maybe I gave him to much candy or…??) Finally we bribed him with Thai food and a full fridge ad he gave in and we could both go with him. Kaggeholm is a beautiful place indeed, never been there before actually.

Well he has grown to be a good man and responsible person that I am very proud of calling my son. (He told me yesterday he is reading my blog, that impressed me a lot)

So my son, good luck and God bless see you in the weekend



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