During the summer I’ve been pondering over Hebr 11:2 ‘Looking unto Jesus..’ wondering, praying about what it means to look at Jesus. In our activity stricken world where we judge ourselves and others by their doings, if they are successful or not, meaning happy or not so happy, I have found that it’s so easy to understand Jesus through the glasses of the spirit of the time I live in. So when looking at Jesus we look at His deeds and marvel, and of course we are to, but looking unto Jesus must go beyond His seen deeds, it must also include Who He is.

The bible says that He is the reality, real life, He is not about perception or fiction but reality. This reality is hidden in who He is, He is both God and man. That’s a mystery we cannot understand not grasp with our mind, we are to move into believing, reliance on Him. He is one of three persons in the godhead, we can’t understand that but we can trust Him, He is Almighty and Omnipresent, we can’t understand it either but we can believe in Him.

In looking unto Jesus we are to behold His divinity and His humanity, in this we are found by Him and we find salvation because we were found by the Saviour. We find both shame and glory, both pain and joy, both death and resurrection, suffering and victory. It’s inseparable because He is both God and Man and in Him we find reality.