Isaiah 53 describes the coming Messiah as a man of pain. A few nights ago I looked into the eyes of a person with pain, what I saw surprised me, I saw Jesus! Jesus was a man of sorrows, a man of pain, much pain. Pain appears when dreams meet reality, pain appears as a warning signal that something is wrong or dangerous.

When God through Jesus came into the world there was pain, pain at birth, pain they didn’t receive and understand Him, pain when He was crucified! Someone said ‘without pain love will not grow’. In the tension between intensions and my own actions there is strained pain when things didn’t turn out the way I expected.

Pain is a sign I am still alive, I can still feel the agonies and sorrows of this life, pain is a guide and purifying process in my life, when a wound is healing there is certain pain and it’s a sign of healing.

It became so real for me that Jesus was truly acquainted with pain, emotional and physical as well as spiritual pain. Pain brings us into reality away from the escape of day dreaming and idealizing life, it draws us gently or abruptly back to real life, away from the virtual life where things can appear to be so nice and perfect, but it’s an illusion. Jesus life teaches us ‘no pain, no gain’. To attain to the victory and true joy of breakthroughs in life we have to endure pain, the bible declares ‘even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death His rod and staff comforts us..’ so hold on to the man of sorrows in your time of need, he’s been there and gone through that place and he will see you through as well because He is faithful.



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