A few years ago while working with different kind of media outlets one editor taught me, rookie in the field of media, that one key to good media is mix. A good mix of editorial ingredients makes a good paper for example. Life is the same; it needs a good mix of ingredients to taste well.

A mix of love, work, play, food, rest, friendship, excitement, news, intimacy, intellectual stimuli, challenges, safety among some. When life is in balance harmony fills the soul. We need prayer to help to balance life because in prayer we meet God and when we meet Him we also see ourselves as in a mirror and our own needs become more obvious and therefore easier to find a balance. I spoke with a man on the train between Kharkov and Kiev in the beginning of this week, we had an interesting chat. He was Ukrainian but grew up in East Germany, when a young adult he moved back to Ukraine. We came to talk about life in different ways and he said: ‘As a German I like planning and efficiency but as Ukrainian I prefer spontaneity’! I looked on him a little puzzled thinking* ‘Well I recognize that mixture, but how to make peace between them? I wondered. The man gave me an answer before I even vocal my thoughts, he said: ‘But if I have to choose between them I prefer spontaneity’ he said.

I think we often deceive ourselves with the idea we are to be effective in life, and then we will feel fulfilled. But we are not machines functioning out of a specified technical flowchart; we are people with feelings, emotions that are hard to put into a flow chart. I think it is called life! Life is wonderful and it is a gift from God. Life needs to be balanced with a mixture of things, like those I mentioned earlier.

Personally I need this balance, I need to shout at a football game, laugh together with friends having a nice meal together, I love to have deep discussions about economy (even though I don’t have a clue about the subject) as I had with a dear friend who is a Doctor in economics recently, I love working on my summerhouse (not too often and not when I have to do it but when I feel for it), I love the intimate friendship of the love of my life, Caisa, to travel together, experience things together. I also have a daily need of news from around the world, news that makes me realize the urgency in life, the pain that surrounds us and sometimes overtakes us. I also need rest and play, play is an underestimated ingredient in life many times. Play has not ‘musts’ it’s just play, fun. Regular rest is necessary for the mind and body to recover new strength. Prayer and bible meditation is the very foundation of life, without is life is void, empty.

When I continually live in this good mix, my soul rejoices and is refreshed and it beholds the Creator!



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